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I wonder

I wonder why everyone is so concerned with being right.  For full disclosure, I like being correct as much as anyone else, but I find I learn so much more from being wrong than I do pretending to be right.  Is it because it is easier to overwhelm evidence with noise than search deep inside ourselves and change our paradigm?


I wonder why so many people are afraid of compromise.  Again, in the name of full disclosure,  I enjoy a scenario playing out entirely in my favor.  But, should we be so willing to throw it all away if the situation turns out less than ideal?  Has Burger King brainwashed us all to think we must always get everything exactly the way we want it?  Isn’t some portion of pizza is better than no pizza at all?pizza-slice-transparent

I wonder why so many people have problems with facts.  Skepticism is to be applauded and statistics can be manipulated, but a peer reviewed fact is a fact.  We should not waste time debating facts, we should work to debate solutions to the problems those facts have uncovered.  If we spend time arguing about facts, aren’t we just wasting the precious time allocated decide what to do with the facts?  Feel free to spin your wheels when stuck in the mud, but wouldn’t it be better to get out of the car and start walking in the right direction?stuck in mud

I wonder why so many people are not concerned about the future.  Thich Nhat Hanh correctly stated, “Life is only available in the present moment.”  The past is gone and the future is yet to come, only the present exists.  However, choices we make in the present moment greatly impact our options once we reach the unknown future.  And our choices don’t just impact ourselves, they impact others who have no options for making choices.  My children will live in a future I have helped create.  My choices will lead to their “present.”  Are we so selfish we ignore the unseen future for others in the choices we make?


I wonder, aren’t we all on the same team here.  Regardless of which side of the imaginary line you live on, or which religion you follow, do we not all have the same number of chromosomes?  Would it not be better to take any energy you might use to destroy and instead use it to create?  Ah, but to destroy is easy right?  It is easier to kick over a sand castle than to build a masterpiece in the sand.  sand castle

I wonder what would happen if, going forward, even if it isn’t exactly how you would have built it, we all decided to add to the sand castle.


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