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It’s OK. Have a doughnut. (Probably shouldn’t have 10 though.)

For some people, being an adult is difficult.  Others find the grown up life one of ease.  If we are being honest with ourselves, most of us have some element of difficulty in our lives.  Whether it be bills or job(s), responsibilities or obligations, injuries or illnesses, we can speak to the challenges of adulthood.  All of us have days where we wanted to crawl under some ‘special’ blanket and suck our thumbs.  We look, through nostalgia tinted glasses, at the memories of our past and long for warm spring afternoons filled with skipping rocks and and ice pops.

Author’s Note:  If this blog is being read in the distant future by our younger generations, the final line of the preceding paragraph should instead read:  “We look, through nostalgia tinted glasses, at the memories of our past and long for days of playing iPad apps and ice pops.”

So, there you have it.  Adulting is hard.  An epic revelation?  Probably not.

Why then, with life sending plenty of seriousness our way, do so many of us seek out extra?  When did jumping as high as you can and splashing down into every puddle become against the ‘adult’ rules?  Etiquette and protocol are fantastic parameters for life, but should we reserve them for every occasion?  Have we turned the volume on our inner child down so low we no longer can hear the voice of awe, exuberance, and imagination?

Take sprinkles for example.  We all know what they are.  These tiny little sugar pellets come in a multitude of colors and are used to adorn delicious treats.  Today looking at a sprinkle atop a cupcake, I might think, ‘Wow, look at the colorful bit of sugar atop a poisonous health disaster my doctor says I should avoid at all costs.’  But, as a child with my nose pressed up against the glass case separating us from the glorious creation called doughnut, a sprinkle was so much more.  Like the glitter of the confectionery world, the sprinkle took something amazing and made it magical.  A chocolate doughnut could be turned into an artistic masterpiece.  Take, as an example, regular vanilla ice cream.  An ice cream so plain it is the same flavor as boring people.  If you put sprinkles on vanilla ice cream, you have an instant party.

The impact of the tiny, colorful, sugar pellets cannot be ignored.  However, as happens all too often, the severity of life pushes away the simple, imaginative joys.  Please, do not stop being adults.  Care for yourselves and others in a responsible and mature way.  But, turn up the volume on your inner child’s voice.  Recapture the delight of the unexpected and undiscovered.  True happiness cannot be found gloating about how your political party is better than another or how your sports team is superior to another.  It is found in the little aspects of life that turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It is in deep soulful laughter or found in a rainbow during the storm.  The simple joys spend same as the expensive.  Do not miss the chance to jump in allegorical puddles.  The next time you get the opportunity, go ahead and take a doughnut.  Better yet, order one with sprinkles.

(Yes, you can also spell it donuts.)

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