A little out of order.

I jump off the deep end.

I dream big.

I want to do everything.

I get so many ideas I am challenged to focus on completing any of them.

I have always loved writing, but get distracted.

I want to write a novel.

I have an amazing wife and three incredible, yet challenging, kids.

I coach soccer.  I teach.

This is my first assignment in my fundamentals of blogging course.  It was designed to be my first blog, but I have already posted six.  But I will do this right and complete the assignment.  It is just a little out of order.

I write as an outlet and I write to create.  So far my blog hasn’t fallen into any discernible pattern, just the random thoughts bouncing through my head.  Maybe with 20 or 30 blogs a pattern will emerge.

I would like to join many others on my journey, but if it is just me, hopefully I will like what I write.


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